The Most Trusted Tire Service Provider in the UAE

Dial-A-Tire, Cafu, and Bridgestone Join Forces to Revolutionize Tire Services and Reward Customers

Dial-A-Tire, the leading and the most trusted tire service provider in the UAE, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Cafu, the region’s premier fuel delivery app, and Bridgestone, a world-renowned tire manufacturer. This collaboration aims to redefine convenience and customer satisfaction by offering seamless tire purchasing and rewarding experiences to users.

Through this groundbreaking partnership, customers can now purchase high-quality Bridgestone tires directly through the Cafu app. With just a few taps on their smartphones, users gain access to a wide range of Bridgestone tire options suitable for their vehicles, ensuring safety and performance on the roads.

To make the deal even sweeter, Bridgestone is offering an exclusive reward program in collaboration with Cafu and Dial-A-Tire. For every purchase of Bridgestone tires made through the Cafu app, customers will receive up to AED400 in Cafu credits. These credits can be redeemed for future tire purchases or other services offered by Cafu, presenting a fantastic opportunity for customers to enjoy additional value and savings.

Dial-A-Tire takes immense pride in its partnership with Bridgestone, a brand synonymous with tire excellence and innovation. With Bridgestone’s cutting-edge technology and trusted performance, customers can rest assured that they are investing in top-tier tires that deliver exceptional durability, safety, and fuel efficiency.

Cafu’s renowned reputation for convenience and customer-centricity aligns perfectly with Dial-A-Tire’s commitment to delivering superior tire services. By integrating tire purchases into the Cafu app, users can enjoy a seamless experience from fuel delivery to tire maintenance, eliminating the hassle of visiting multiple service providers.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Cafu and Bridgestone to enhance customer experiences and provide a one-stop solution for their tire needs,” said Dial-A-Tire’s spokesperson. “Our partnership not only offers convenience and quality products but also rewards customers for their loyalty. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

To take advantage of this exciting collaboration, customers simply need to download the Cafu app, browse the selection of Bridgestone tires, and make their purchase with ease. The reward credits will be instantly credited to their accounts, ready to be utilized for future tire-related needs.

With this strategic partnership, Dial-A-Tire, Cafu, and Bridgestone are set to transform the tire purchasing landscape, making it more accessible, rewarding, and customer-centric than ever before. Discover the convenience, quality, and rewards that await you by downloading the Cafu app and experiencing the seamless integration of tire services.

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