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Kumho Tire wins Good Design Award 2022

Kumho Tire (CEO Iltaik Jung) wins the Winner Award at the Good Design Award 2022 in Japan for its ‘Road Venture AT52’ product. 


The Good Design Award (G-Mark) is one of the most prestigious international design competitions, alongside the iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and IDEA.coe ‘Airborne Ti


The award-winning “Road Venture AT52” is an on/off-road combination tire with significant performance in rough terrains in North America, such as stone roads and mud roads. It also appeals to pick-up trucks and SUVs drivers. 


The sawtooth-shaped shoulder block design is applied to the tread. This design improves off-road traction and enables comfortable and quiet ride with five-length pitch block arrangements on regular roads. In addition, this structure improves durability, wear performance, and even straight driving performance. The sipe and zigzag-shaped groove design with multiple angles enable safe driving even in winter.


The sidewall is equipped with a Side Biter design to give a solid and aggressive image while at the same time minimizing tire damage caused by external impacts and preventing accidents caused by bursts. 


Meanwhile, Kumho Tire won the main prize in the ‘Design Concept’ category of the Red Dot Design Award of Germany last month for its ‘Airborne Tire’. This tire is a system tire for Urban Air Mobility(UAM), introducing futuristic tires, a symbol of mobility technology.

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