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When J.B Dunlop started off his journey to the invention of tyres, his key focus was to ease the discomfort of his son by fixing his tricycle. So, just like that, the Dunlop organization has built an empire on the same philosophy of providing utmost peace to the daily journeys of people around the world.

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How to find your tyre size

Use our guide below to easily and quickly find your tyre size from the side of your existing tyres. Alternatively you can perform a search using your vehicle registration.


You’re looking for a three digit number – i.e. 205


Followed by a two digit number – i.e. 55

Rim Size

The rim size is represented next to an ‘R’ – i.e. 16

Speed Ratings

Finally, the speed rating will be a single letter – i.e. V

Fully Fitted Prices

For fully fitted prices, the following work is included:

• Delivery
• Fitting
• Balancing
• New rubber valve
• Disposal of old tyres

As you pay for your tyres and fitting online, there is no extras to pay on the day of your appointment – in relation to the tyre fitting.

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